Presentation av Sisay

Sedan september 2021 arbetar Sisay Tadesse med affärsupplägg kring både Alminica and Ulrikaringen ekosystem tack vare Jobbsprånget. Den som är intresserad kan få återkoppling på affärsidéer. Ta bara kontakt med oss så ordnar vi det. Nedan ger Sisay en presentation av sin erfarenhet och intressen.

My interest is to work on new venture creation based on innovative research and development. I have experience of creating and growing new as well as existing companies through my creative ideas. I have long experience of sales and customer contact.

I have a master’s degree in MSc Knowledge‐Based Entrepreneurship from the University of Gothenburg. I have also bachelor degree in business administration. With these experiences I have developed both theoretical and practical knowledge in economics and sales.

I have experience of identifying and develop breakthrough technologies that create innovative products for customer. I have developed my experience of working on business model innovation, selling strategy, and searching for new business opportunities. I am always successful in creating strategic innovative way of competitive advantage and analyzing customer target. Previously I have been working as startups, sale, and financial manager. Here was the focus on innovative growth: – new business creation, business model innovation, sales of electronics products such as computers, scanners and printers. Here, my competencies developed to helping new and existing companies with innovative way of activities to the next level and developing customer relationships, but also develop and apply effective solutions to improve the company’s brand / sale.
I was simultaneously consultant for people who wanted to start new businesses, sell products and work with problem solving. I was developed in many ways as driven, hardworking, and motivated entrepreneur. Previously I have also experience of financial manager. In my duties financial analysis and planning as well as long- and short-term financial decisions was my main activities. And it included invoice management, supplier invoices, registration, accounting, flow, and payment.

I am now looking for new venture creation, product development, sales jobs and creating innovative business opportunities as these are my main area of expertise. I also have experience of working as a financial manager. With Alminica I am working on developing models for Alminica and Ulrikaringen ecosystem for new Venture Creation and Business Development using tools such as Business Model Canvas and Value proposition Canvas.