Presentation av Sally

Sally Tareq är en nyckel i samarbetet med Winniio AB kring digitalisering av värme till byggnader som skapar steg framåt mot den smarta staden. Här beskriver Sally lite mer om sig och sina framtidsönskan att doktorera inom arkitektur.

I am passionate about design and architecture with various fresh ideas backed up with the right design skills for conceptualizing these ideas. I moved to Linköping recently from Dubai and is currently involved in an internship program with Alminica AB in Ulrika, working on digital twin concept together with Winniio AB that is a company in Gothenburg with expertise in digitalization and buildings of the future. This internship is an opportunity for me to learn more about the Swedish market and to also transfer my knowledge to new avenues using both my American educational background and Dubai’s fast-paced-city architectural experience.

Personally, I am interested in the participatory aspect between the inhabitants and their built environment, and how cities can change the behavior of people. My bachelor of science thesis was about work stress in busy cities and how architecture can provide temporary relief from urban life stress. My master of education thesis was on how school design can help foster students’ creativity. Now, I am exploring the possibilities of turning building information modelling into Digital-Twins. We use Tostebo heating plant in Ulrika as case study and consider this as a future ecosystem. This is line with my passion at achieving a healthy, enriched, and a participatory human experience with architecture and the city. I wish to continue with research further in this field through starting PhD studies in Sweden.

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