Systemförvaltare Institute of Advanced Materials

2515 Systemförvaltare m.fl. System managers

Do you have a passion for working with scholarly journals, enjoy sharing your knowledge, and relish the opportunity to work in an advanced ecosystem environment with high academic expectations? We are currently recruiting for a System Administrator (systemsförvaltare) / Project Manager role with commencement in September 2021.

Institute of Advanced Materials helps startups and large-scale companies with all their commercialization projects. We craft the right strategy to help companies and organizations in their journey to take products to the market. IAM publishes a scholarly journal and is planning to establish and promote more scholarly journals and at the same time help other open access journals to improve their workflow management system.

Our team is looking for a dedicated member who is professional and energetic takes over the production-side support of online scholarly journals. We are planning to provide a comprehensive workflow management system for helping researchers and scientists to publish their research achievements, particularly in the developing countries.

The role involves comprehensive and complete support for specific business systems, which includes ensuring operations run smoothly and troubleshooting issues. As a system manager, you will be responsible for the whole process, including supporting and training the editorial team, which includes quick response and a high level of service to each scholarly journal. Part of the work will involve creating and maintaining documentation and performing controls for existing solutions.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who have had some great experience and knowledge in the best practice of publishing scholarly journals online. As a new addition to our team, you will be a vital part of a small but effective team that is growing to meet the needs of a successful, expanding company.

What you will be doing:

·       Assisting in the daily management of the system workflow,

·       Responding properly to staff and editorial boards of scholarly journals.

·       Communicating with editorial boards to make sure everything is in the right process.

·       Establishing and maintaining relationships with editorial boards of scholarly journals for the quality of services.

·       Training of new system whenever is needed.

·       Attending international and national meetings and/or conferences as required

·       Managing projects to digitize business processes is required.

·       Maintaining maintenance plans and upgrade schedules.

·       Interacting with editorial board of each scholarly journal to ensure systems run according to business needs.

·       Creating or maintaining appropriate documentation for the systems for which the system administrator (systemförvaltare) is responsible.

·       Planning and delivering training for central system owners in all aspects of the relevant business processes and systems.

·       Ensuring that agreements are up to date and correct.

·       Performing security reviews and follow ups.

About you:

• Some experience in teaching and doing research.

• Working as a board member of a company (at least 5 to 10 years)

• Good understanding of the scientific research community and its needs

• Strong communication skills

• Fluent in English and good in Arabic (reading)

• Good knowledge and interest in academic work in general

• Highly self-motivated, practical and achievement-oriented

• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

• Active, supportive team player

• Some editorial experience/knowledge preferable

· Experience of working with journal and publishing information systems

Job info

·         Required language: English (Fluent), Some knowledge in Arabic or Persian is preferable (reading and understanding)

·       Education skills required: PhD or equivalent to doctorate studies in social sciences

·       Starting date: 10/09/2021

·       Contract duration: permanent

·       Contract type: Full time

·       How to apply: by email to

·       Before: 5/09/2021